IV Clear™ helps protect skin.

IV Clear™ helps protect skin.

Antimicrobial Clear Silicone Adhesive Securement Dressing with Chlorhexidine and Silver.

  • Kills 99.99% of microorganisms
  • Full Site Visibility
  • No Adhesive Skin Injuries

We have updated IV Clear's look with newly designed artwork. In addition to the new look, we have updated the tape strip configuration, giving clinicians more options for dressing and device securement. Learn More »

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IV Clear™ proudly supports the 32nd Annual Oley Consumer/Clinician Conference

Covalon Technologies Ltd. will be exhibiting at the Hyatt Regency Greenwich in Old Greenwich, CT from July 6-7, 2017.

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Centaur™ Low Particulate, Lubricious Coating by Covalon Technologies Ltd.

Centaur™ low particulate, lubricious coating is designed to improve the safety and functionality of indwelling medical devices such as vascular access catheters, where the presence of unwanted particulate can cause significant patient complications.  In a third party in vitro simulated vascular insertion study designed to measure the levels of particulate, Covalon’s Centaur™ coating resulted in significantly lower levels for all particulate sizes relative to the same catheter without a coating. This contrasts with other industry leading coatings that generate nearly twice as many particles as the same catheter without a coating. Covalon’s Centaur™ coating technology specifically targets and is ideally suited for a growing segment of the medical coatings market focused on minimizing coating degradation without compromising lubricity.


MediClear™ PreOp

Patient non-compliance is a significant problem with patient based skin preparation products. MediClear™ PreOp can help. 
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ColActive® Plus

Chronic wounds need help to close. How can ColActive® Plus Ag help? 
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