IV Clear™ helps protect skin.

IV Clear™ helps protect skin.

Antimicrobial Clear Silicone Adhesive Securement Dressing with Chlorhexidine and Silver.

  • Kills 99.99% of microorganisms
  • Full Site Visibility
  • No Adhesive Skin Injuries

We have updated IV Clear's look with newly designed artwork. In addition to the new look, we have updated the tape strip configuration, giving clinicians more options for dressing and device securement. Learn More »

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Covalon Technologies Ltd. will be showcasing IV Clear™ at the 41st Annual Aphon Conference and Exhibit. 

Visit booth 225.

August 17-18, 2017  |  Palm Spring Convention Center  |  Palm Springs, CA
Covalon Technologies will be exhibiting and available for meetings.


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