IV Clear™ 

Antimicrobial Clear Silicone Adhesive Securement Dressing with Chlorhexidine and Silver

IV Clear™ has two antimicrobials – chlorhexidine and silver embedded in the silicone adhesive, allowing for optimized protection over the entire surface area. IV Clear™ exceeds modern antimicrobial standards on gram positive and gram negative bacteria and yeast commonly associated with Catheter Related Blood Stream Infections (CRBSIs)*. IV Clear’s silicone adhesive technology minimizes pain during dressing changes and will not irritate skin.

*In vitro effectiveness does not predict clinical performance.

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Hear Amanda and Gunnar’s IV Clear™ story.

As the only dual antimicrobial soft silicone vascular access securement dressing currently available on the market, IV Clear™ is helping children’s hospitals improve the patient experience.