Overview and Mission

Covalon’s Clinician Initiated Study (CIS) Program is designed to assess and provide support for clinician initiated research that is designed and conducted by the clinician. The mission of the program is to provide defined support of medical and scientific research using Covalon’s products, with the goal of promoting improved patient outcomes. Covalon is interested in providing support to the advancement of knowledge regarding our products and related procedures or conditions.

Who can submit?

Covalon’s CIS Program is available to all qualified researchers who are interested in designing, conducting, and analyzing their own research projects. Covalon will consider on a case-by-case basis, supporting the study, including but not limited to; funding to cover all or some of the study-related costs, product, input on study design, or registration at symposia.


Researchers interested in participating in the CIS Program should download the CIS Proposal Form. The form serves as a support request and collects the information needed to assess the scientific merit of the proposed study.  All qualified submissions will be reviewed by Covalon’s CIS Review Committee for: alignment with the Covalon areas of interest, study design and approach, budget and setting for which the study will take place, support requested, capabilities of the researcher or team, and ethical and safety concerns.

The proposed Covalon product must be “on-label” use for the study to be eligible.

The submission of a study proposal does not imply approval and any financial support is contingent upon obtaining a clinician agreement. Completed forms can be emailed to studies@covalon.com.

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