Covalon's products take on the world's biggest healthcare challenges.

Advanced Wound Care

Covalon’s Advanced Wound Care line has been specially designed for the successful treatment of a wide range of wounds. Whether it’s a child with an abrasion who benefits from the pain reducing properties of a soft silicone adhesive, or a diabetic with a complex chronic wound that requires a state-of-the-art biomatrix dressing, Covalon’s CovaWound™ and ColActive® brands can help. Covalon offers a complete range of effective, user-friendly, cost beneficial advanced wound care products.

The ColActive® brand of Bio-Matrix dressings have been successfully healing chronic wounds, and in some cases preventing the need for limb amputation for almost 10 years. With ever increasing use in the U.S., ColActive® is now expanding into countries that have higher than average levels of diabetes, a condition often associated with chronic wounds. ColActive® is becoming the cost-effective, chronic wound dressing of choice for surgeons, dermatologists and podiatrists worldwide. Patients from around the world who suffer from diabetic foot, venous leg and pressure ulcers, are now benefitting from the patented formulation of the ColActive® brand.

Covalon’s advanced wound solutions are designed to remove the obstacles to healing, these include bioburden, exudate, and MMP inhibition.

Infection Prevention

Hospitals in the United States, indeed around the world are facing the increasing challenge of preventing their patients from getting an infection while under their care. Every day, 1 out of 25 patients in U.S. hospitals acquire a healthcare associated infection (HAI), costing the system almost $10 billion annually.

Covalon’s line of innovative infection control products have revolutionized the way that healthcare professionals and their patients ‘feel’ about infection prevention. Whether through its highly lubricious and superior antimicrobial protection of SilverCoat™ Foley catheter, or the application of its dual antimicrobial silicone adhesive platform across the MediClear™ PreOp, SurgiClear™ and IV Clear™ brands, Covalon’s products are changing perceptions. No longer is compromise between comfort, compliance and efficacy inevitable when choosing a product that fits within a hospital’s Healthcare Associated Infection fighting bundle.


“Now that we’ve found IV Clear, our son is no longer afraid of dressing changes. The skin around his catheter site is beautiful and healthy, easily visible through the dressing, and we no longer have to worry about missing a site infection or the fact that his dressing required frequent changes because it wasn’t lasting a full week. Thanks to IV Clear, instead of worrying about his line, he is able to spend more of his time doing things typical kids do.”

Covalon’s comprehensive approach to infection prevention products means that it exceeds the expectation of not only the epidemiologists, nurses and physicians, but most importantly the patients.

Perioperative Care

Perioperative care refers to the three phases of surgery: preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative care. Its goal as it relates to the patient’s skin that is to be incised is to provide optimal conditions before, during, and after the operation, because whether a surgical procedure is minimally invasive or highly involved, one constant remains, the patient’s skin will be compromised.

Now, and for the first time ever, nurses, surgeons and patients have access to a comprehensive approach to perioperative skin protection and care. Covalon’s Perioperative Care brands, MediClear™ and SurgiClear™ offer a continuum of care throughout the patient’s surgical journey. From pre-procedural protection from the patient’s own skin bacteria [a leading cause of Surgical Site Infections (SSI)] through post op antimicrobial infection prevention and incision site visibility to finally reducing the severity of the incision scar, Covalon’s products can help.


“We continue to maximize using the dressings (SurgiClear), not just on sternal incisions, but now also all thoracotomy incisions, vein harvest incisions (if there is a large incision), and CT site incisions. My surgeons are very happy with the reduced number of infections we have seen over the last year.”

Covalon’s perioperative care brands follow the patient through their surgical journey with a seamless combination of products that bring unparalleled patient compliance, unmatched comfort, and undeniable protection.

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