Our technology platforms are customizable for many medical device, consumer and veterinarian applications.

We work closely with senior stakeholders in the pharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostic sectors to develop customized products that offer meaningful market advantages. Covalon’s experience with both domestic and international organizations means that no major market, sector, or disease state falls outside of our capabilities or capacity. If wound care, hospital acquired infections, or medical device surface modification is your business Covalon Technologies Ltd. should be your next call. We are the single source solution that can differentiate your device in the market. From concept development to prototyping to manufacturing, your project will be handled by an experienced team of engineers, material and polymer experts, PhD scientists, and skilled technicians. Together, we will develop customized solutions for better patient outcomes.

These include but are not limited to:

Biomatrix Platform

Covalon develops sophisticated and “pro‐active” collagen technologies that create a catalyst for excellent tissue healing, superior infection control and improved patient outcomes. Our collagen technology can be customized to create unique advanced wound care, trauma and surgical repair products

Antimicrobial Silicone Platform

Covalon’s patent pending antimicrobial clear silicone adhesive film technology combines silver and chlorhexidine right in the adhesive, providing superior comfort and protection throughout. The technology boasts broad spectrum antimicrobial activity of at least 7 days and meets the current FDA standards for antimicrobial claims of a “greater than 4-log reduction”. The dressing material, which remains transparent for up to 7 days, allows longer site visualization and has the potential to reduce frequent and costly dressing changes. The soft skin silicone material is comfortable to wear, and has been proven to cause less irritation to the skin and significantly less painful upon removal versus dressing using acrylic adhesives.

Medical Coating Platform

Our customized medical coatings deliver superior infection control, therapeutic delivery, and increased lubricity. Using our CovaCoat™ technology platform, we collaborate with customers to develop custom and proprietary medical device coatings that offer strategic marketing advantages for their product offerings. CovaCoat™ technology provides a cost-effective and proprietary photochemical process for covalently linking coating molecules to a variety of medical device surfaces for exceptional functionality and performance. Specific coating formulations signal passive or active healing responses to the device.